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1 in 6 people report experiencing Mental Health Problems.

WE BELIEVE EVERY person deserves to live with dignity.

We are helping and supporting people with Mental Health problems to develop their skills and build their confidence to find paid employment and to live fulfilling lives by inspiring them to achieve their goals.


Let us help you to take a step forward


CV / Job search / Interview techniques / Employment Placements plus.


IT / Health and safety / First aid / Fire Marshall plus others necessary for your chosen employment.


Psychological / Family / Social / Budgeting / Housing / Benefits


We need your voice to start the conversation about Mental Health and well being. We need your talent to help us fund raise. We need your time as a volunteer.



Do you need our help & Support?

We’re here for you.

If you have questions or just want to chat about how you want to be involved, then give us a call.

0207 564 3087.

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Our Friday dose of prose.......
We didn't put up any last week due to our events we were attending so apologies to Sugaree.

If I can handle PTSD, you can lean on me

I’ve noticed since the very start of this
That people around me just tell me the best bits
As if I’d crumble if I knew the truth, so try to protect
It’s nice to be there, for those you love, that’s a fact

It might even help once in a while, to be wanted
Like I used to be, a great listener, time always granted
That feeling you get when you know you’ve helped
There’s nowt like it, it sort of builds and heals yourself

In the last year, so protected, no one’s needed my ear
Or my shoulder, fragile though I might appear
If I can handle the battle with me and my thoughts
Trust me; I can take on a fraction of you and yours

I used to be a healer of people, a mechanic of souls
My job to listen and offer all the healing and go
The extra mile, every time, even at my own expense
Because that got me through my day and made sense

I preferred to work as many hours as I could in a week
To stay busy and avoid the fight within me
And helping others came easily at one time
Now I’m caged in and the treatment is mine

They say nurses make the worst patients
I accept this to be true as I lose patience
With the system and wish to be free
And get back to being the normal me

Where people can rely on me again
Like they used to, so I can be a good friend
Sister, daughter, granddaughter and more
Without interactions leaving me tired and sore.

19/6/19 - Suagree
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Brain freeze, need your help.
Ok so one of our colleagues ordered carpet at the Carpet Smart place in Charlton, near Primark. There is a big sign outside saying 'free fitting'. When you go inside free fitting is on carpet over £250. Great, our colleagues carpet comes to £1239, ok so if you view the invoice you will see £150 Is a = (less fitting allowance). Great, however when arranging for fitting they were told they need to pay for fitter cash when the fitter turns up to fit carpet. You also have to pay on each room. So each room is £45 × 2 and £60 for another room, total for fitting £150. What! Then it isn't free fitting right? When I attended the carpet place I asked the person there named Martin, who btw is quite rude and patronising, to explain this. His explanation was that 'if the person paid the full amount (adding the £150 they took off) then it would be free'. What! He then goes on to say 'that if you paid the full amount you wouldn't know what they were paying the fitters, so would be nine the wiser.' Well actually we would because we would need to know what £150 was for on the invoice. So therefore they are adding the fitters charge on the bill, so it's not free right. Sorry but this guy did my head in. Am I not understanding, do I literally have brain freeze!
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