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 We have now been set up since 1st April 2012 however, we became a registered company on 5th December 2013. We opened our first venture in March 2014, in memory of Mark Katnoria. We were honoured by Danny Baker who marked the opening with Pat Katnoria, Mark’s mother who attended and has now become our patron for the charity.  Since opening the shop, we have moved in leaps and bounds and have placed 38 people in employment with other organisations.

We intend to open more shops to be able to employ many people ourselves. Giving people the opportunity to have career driven jobs and the opportunity to become one of the charities directors too. We are soon going to opening our second venture in the Greenwich Borough. However, it will not be a charity shop because we believe we need to provide a wide range of skills needed for people to feel satisfied in their line of work.

We have other business organisations involved with us who provide jobs for people with mental health problems. Giving people the chance to move forward with their career path. However, just because we place people in other organisations doesn’t mean it ends there. We provide help and support, which is ongoing throughout their working lives and beyond. Everybody needs someone they can turn to in a time of need. Especially when we are asked to spend longer hours at work with more demands put upon us.

We are not service users, clients or patients we are colleagues who work together to achieve our goals, big or small.