‘For without you there is no us’ Toni Hale, CEO

John Lewis, Bluewater, raised £1000 doing a fun run in 2014

John Lewis, Bluewater, raised £3000 by completing a funding application in 2014

Julie & Michael (John Lewis staff) raised £100 from a bootsale in 2014

Tony & Keith (John Lewis staff) raised £850 completing a 50 mile bike ride in 2014

Boxer raised £200 in a boxing competition

Jeanette Murdoch raised £250 doing the zip wire in Wales

Vanessa Faith raised £70 to help raise awareness of the MHA Trust

Ronnie Ripple and the Rip Chords raised £225 singing at one of their gigs

South East Enterprise raised £245 at their Women Mean Business event

Mycenae Soup, Mycenae House, we won the vote and received £1079 

Sharon & John £300 towards our special annual award ceremony

Carol & Jim £200 towards our special annual award ceremony

Westcombe Society raised £2000 at their annual Xmas event

St George’s Church  craft club raised £506.85 by selling jam and marmalade

Jacky donated £50 while giving up something for lent

Dan & Richard donated £70 for two tickets for the champagne experience in the Shard for our raffle.

Angela Jommo donated £100 to help our cause

Starkey Financial Planning Limited donated £100 to help our cause

Mr & Mrs Grant donated £100 to help our cause

London Property Licensing donated £100 to help fix our shop shutters

Angela Jommo raised £175 making and selling crafted candles

Thomas Turrell raised £31. 06 at a Conservative event

The Royal Standard Pub and the community raised £440.75 at a all day reggae festival

So far we have raised £163.38 in our 2018 ‘Give a little’ jar campaign’. Thank you to all who took a jar to save your coppers

We thank everyone who donated gifts for us to raffle, those of you who donate to our shop, to those of you who donate your time to help us in our quest to help people with mental health problems and to stop stigma and discrimination.